The daily spur

Year: 2019

City: Milan

Collaborations: Cairo Comunicazione, Campari group, Domus Academy

Awards: 1st Prize for Fab! competition

The Daily Spur takses place during an activation campaign for Espolòn Tequila designed in collaboration with Cairo Comunicazione, Campari Group and Domus Academy.
The project aims to create brand awareness through social media. The style and interaction with the user is designed to both engage the young target into taking a picture and to convey the brand mission and vision. The stand creates an optical illusion: whoever sits on the bird Ramon is going to look like he’s heading towards his daily revolution.
The project was unveiled in Tortona during the Fab! Party,  It was then moved to Mudec for a temporary exhibition.

Project in collaboration with A Rah Choi.

Winners of the Fab! competition have been featured inside F magazine.