Ossa grosse

Year: 2019

City: Milano

Collaborations: Flocky, Vartes, Domus Academy

Ossa grosse is a project created in collaboration with athleisure brands Floky and Vartes, in order to design a line of sock with ecological packaging, an activewear capsule collection and furtiture line. Ossa grosse wants to challenge the mainstream idea of beauty through sarcasm and disruption of common rules. The player and Perfect fat, Depero – inspired brands, embody this “Dadaist” ethos and meet the needs of the new fashion conscious consumer.
Perfect Fat is the capsule collection designed in collaboration with fashion designer Hoon dong Park. Its playful approach to volumes relieves the stress fashion generates over achieving aesthetic perfection.
Bloated is a furniture line that plays with shapes and contrasting materials.The stretchy sport fabric enlarges to accommodate the inflatable.

perfect fat collection

bloated furniture collection

concept store