cosy – breakfast set

Year: 2021

City: Cagliari

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Seeking to revive essential daily wellness, Cosy is an interplay of archetypal design elements with minute attention to detail. Along with its effortless contours and exquisite craftsmanship, it lets you rediscover those pleasant rituals often forgotten in the daily grind.

Gentle, reassuring brush strokes of teal green against a muted ivory base, form the essence of this entirely handmade set. These elegant ceramic pieces are perfect for a breakfast in bed or for a coffee break, to help rejuvenate your day.

Immagine per mostrare l'intero set Cosy al completo, set in ceramica e tavolino da letto
L'immagine mostra l'intero set Cosy
Dettagli di Cosy set per colazione in ceramica
Dettagli di Cosy set per colazione in ceramica
L'intero set per colaizone in ceramica
dettaglio della caraffa in ceramica realizzata artigianalmente
Dettaglio di Cosy, set in ceramica
dettaglio di segnaposto in ceramica

Out of the desire to treat oneself with unhurried mornings, Cosy – breakfast set meets Cosy – bed table.