Eugenia Marta Sanna, was born in Cagliari in 1991.

She studied product design in Politecnico di Milano and worked for 5 years in the United Kingdom, working for different companies and winning in 2018, best stand design at London 100% Optical.

In 2019 she attended a master degree in Domus Academy, in Milan.

During this time she had the chance to work with important names such as Fabio Novembre, Francesco Librizzi, Valerio Sommella and with companies such as Google, Technogym and Cairo Comunicazione.

Some of the projects she has worked on got some attention. Checkmate was exhibited at ‘Talking Crafts, Google meets Italian design”, and featured on AD magazine and Living il Corriere. The daily spur, project in collaboration with Campari, Espolon Tequila was exhibited at the Museum of Culture of Milan (Mudec).

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